The Room Reservation system allows current Columbia and Barnard students to reserve a room for collaborative group work and study. A group is defined as two or more students.

An individual may use a room on a walk-in basis only if the room has no active reservation. Individual users should vacate the room when requested by a group with proof of valid registration.

Terms & Conditions to Enter and Use Libraries Spaces

To enter and use Libraries' spaces, you must have your Columbia University ID with you.

Library reading rooms and study spaces are subject to the Columbia University Libraries Code of Conduct.


By making this reservation, you are verifying your understanding that you are accountable to all Columbia rules and regulations, including the Libraries Code of Conduct, while using the reserved space. This includes not only your own behavior, but that of those you permit into the space during your reservation. Failure to comply with University policies may lead to immediate dismissal from the library and referral to Student Conduct and Community Standards for review. Should you no longer need the space, it is important to cancel your reservation so you are not held accountable for other individuals' behavior.